Data Protection & Web Privacy Statement

This privacy notice provides information about the ways in which Waterford City & County Council (WCCC) collects, stores, processes, shares or keeps personal information provided by our customers.

Online customer applications, payments, queries or complaints
WCCC provides a wide range of services; on our websites we have a number of online forms which allow customers to submit an application, a payment or a query/complaint.

On our forms, among the personal information that can be collected is: name, address, telephone number & email address. If appropriate, these details are logged into our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which facilitates staff in service areas of the Council to address and resolve queries /complaints and respond to customers with updates or to seek further information.

When a customer uses any of our online payment forms, a session cookie is created. This creates a unique identifier, ensuring that your payment details can only be attached to your application, guarding against fraudulent activity.

Customer usage is tracked to ensure that customers supplying payment information can do so in a safe and secure manner. These session cookies have a short lifespan and ‘time-out’ after a short period of time. The cookies are not logged by WCCC and we do not retain a record. For more information, see our Cookie Policy.

We do not market or send alerts to members of the public who contact us using the above forms. We do, however, operate a separate SMS based alerts service called MapAlerter – see


  • WCCC Privacy Statement 2018