About Waterford City East

"Waterford City East" is the electoral area representing the eastern parts of Waterford City. This electoral area, along with Tramore - Waterford City West and Waterford City South, make up the Waterford Metropolitan District.

Waterford City East has 6 elected members. The current members of Council were elected in the local elections held on 24th May 2014.

The Metropolitan Council meets once per month, with meetings scheduled for the third Monday of every month (except August). The venue for these meetings is the Council Chamber, City Hall, Waterford. The current mayor of the Metropolitan district of Waterford (2018) is Cllr. Joe Kelly.

The current Councillors for this area are :

  • Sharon Carey (FG)
  • Davy Daniels (IND)
  • Pat Fitzgerald (SF)
  • Eddie Mulligan (FF)
  • Matt Shanahan (IND)
  • Adam Wyse (FF)

  • * Councillor Roche resigned from Waterford City & County Council with effect from 30th November 2018, and was replaced by Cllr. Matt Shanahan who was co-opted on 10th January 2019.