Strategic Policy Committee Scheme 2014 – 2018 (SPCs)

Waterford City & County Council operates 5 Strategic Policy Committees (SPCs), each served by the relevant Director of Service. The Chairs of the SPCs are selected by the Council at the AGM. The SPCs are sub-committees of Waterford City and Council and must abide by the Standing Orders and rules of procedure of the Council.

The quorum for a meeting is one-fourth of the total number of members of the SPC plus one or, where one-fourth of such total number is not a whole number; the quorum is the next highest whole number plus one. Of this number there should be 3 elected members present. If the Chair is unable to attend his/her place shall be taken by another elected member of the SPC.

Following consultation with the City and County Community Fora (forerunner of the Public Participation Network) and National Pillars, and taking on board the stated preferences of the elected members, (in so far as is possible), the following format for the SPCs was approved by the members of Waterford City and County Council at the September 2014 Meeting and as amended by Council at meeting of Waterford City and County Council on 11th June 2015.

Each Strategic Policy Committee shall meet as often as required, and at least four times a year, to deal with the business assigned to it. Five days clear notice will be given for meetings of the SPC and where possible there will be an agreed schedule for meetings.

The Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental representatives will be nominated by the Waterford Public Participation Network, subject to the endorsement of the environment reps by the National Environmental Pillar. Sectoral groups are to be requested to submit nominations within 4 weeks.

Where an SPC member misses 3 consecutive meetings the nominating body will be requested to nominate a replacement. A warning will be issued by the relevant Director following a member not attending 2 consecutive meetings without reason.

The dates, times and locations of the SPC meetings are matters for each individual SPC to determine. The Plenary Mayor is an ex-officio member of each of the SPCs and may attend any such meeting at his/her discretion.

Environmental Protection SPC - Chair: Cllr. Declan Clune
Fergus Galvin - Director of Services

Name Sector
Cllr.John Hearne Local Government
Cllr. Declan Doocey Local Government
Cllr. Jim Griffin Local Government
Cllr. Mary Roche Local Government
Peter O'Connor Environment
Peter Kiely Farming
Bríd O'Heir Community and Voluntary
Kate Moloney Social Inclusion

Economic Development and Enterprise SPC - Chair: Cllr. Liam Brazil
Lar Power - Director of Services
Name Sector
Cllr. John Cummins Local Government
Cllr. Davy Daniels Local Government
Cllr. Pat Fitzgerald Local Government
Cllr. Eddie Mulligan Local Government
Cllr. Pat Nugent Local Government
Cllr. Eamon Quinlan Local Government
Cllr. Lola O'Sullivan Local Government
Paul Nolan Business
David Lane Trade Union
Mark Connors Farming
Samantha Richardson Environment
Vacant Social Inclusion
Gerty Murphy Community and Voluntary

Transportation Infrastructure and Fire SPC - Chair: Cllr. Joe Conway
Fergus Galvin - Director of Services
Name Sector
Cllr. Ray Murphy Local Government
Cllr. Pat Fitzgerald Local Government
Cllr. Joe Kelly Local Government
Cllr. Seamus O'Donnell Local Government
Cllr. Sean Reinhardt Local Government
Cllr. Cha O'Neill Local Government
Cllr. Adam Wyse Local Government
Tom O'Brien Development/Construction  (CIF)
George Kehoe Business/Commercial
Alan Walshe Environment
Tony McSweeney Social Inclusion
James Coughlan Community and Voluntary

Housing, Community, Culture, Sport & Recreation SPC - Chair: Cllr. Tom Cronin
Ivan Grimes - Director of Services
Name Sector
Cllr. Breda Brennan Local Government
Cllr. Damien Geoghegan Local Government
Cllr. Blaise Hannigan Local Government
Cllr. Cha O'Neill Local Government
Cllr. John O'Leary Local Government
Cllr. John Pratt Local Government
Cllr. Sean Reinhardt Local Government
Andrea Galgey Social Inclusion
Rosemary Kennedy Community and Voluntary
Jemma Mackey Trade Union
Michael Farrell Environment

Planning SPC - Chair: Cllr. Seánie Power
Lar Power - Director of Services
Name Sector
Cllr. Joe Conway Local Government
Cllr. M J O'Ryan Local Government
Cllr. Jason Murphy Local Government
Cllr. James Tobin Local Government
Cllr. Siobhán Whelan Local Government
Vacant Local Government
John Galloway Environment
Anne Marie Rossiter Business
John O'Donnell Community and Voluntary
John Fitzgerald Farming
Donal Lehane Social Inclusion

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