Fruits after Harvest by Wil Gilchrist

Location: Whites Orchard, Dungarvan

Scheme: Dungarvan Town Council – Whites Orchard Housing Scheme.

Sculptor Wil Gilchrist is based in Ennis, Co. Clare. He was born in Scotland in 1965, and moved to Ireland in 1988.

‘The pieces are obviously based on the name 'White's Orchard' by their taking the form of large white apples, scattered as if fallen from the existing apple trees. By taking such a direct and obvious approach in form causes easy access to the work, whether it may be taken with a small amount of humour by the theatrics of everyday articles being 'super-sized' or by the metaphorical and symbolical approach to fruits and harvest being seen as products of a prior process, involving deliberation, determination and endeavour, all aspects equally applicable to the people themselves and their current position of moving to a new home.’