LCD Membership

Local Government State Agencies Local & Community Development Social, Economic & Community Interests
Cllr. John Cummins Prof. Willie Donnelly
Joe Stokes
Waterford Area Partnership
Garrett Wyse
PPN Social Inclusion
Cllr. Liam Brazil Liam Daly
Dept. of Social Protection
Jimmy Taaffe
Waterford LEADER
Heather Kiely
PPN Social Inclusion
Cllr. John Pratt Jim Gibson
Waterford Children's Services
  Niall O'Brien,  Senan Cooke
Michael Walsh
Chief Executive
    Gabriel Foley
PPN Environment
Michael Quinn
Director of Services
    Nick Donnelly
Business Pillar
      Willie O'Donoghue
Farming Pillar

Supporting the Work of the Local Community Development Committee
The LCDC has a Chief Officer, Mr. Lar Power, who supports and facilitates the LCDC in the delivery of their objectives. To contact the Waterford LCDC, please email or phone the LCDC Co-ordinator, Lisa Grant, on 0761 102709.