Town & Village Plans

Waterford City & County Council intend to carry out a series of Town & Village Health Checks across the Town & Village settlements in Waterford. This process involves data gathering, engagement and consultation with local communities to identify the key concerns, thoughts, opinions and ideas of local residents and visitors within the towns/villages. The rural economic check exercise is structured to result in the development of town and village plans, within which the following objectives will be explored:

  • assessment of the existing natural, heritage and built environment as a base for rural enterprise
  • sustainable development of vibrant and attractive town/village centres
  • building on and enhancing any heritage base
  • fostering economic growth through rural enterprise
  • harnessing the potential of the surrounding landscape
  • encouraging rural tourism potential

  • Understanding Your Town or Village
    A number of initial steps to help better understand the identified town or village will be important - local auditing, background research and analysis of Census 2016 will be keys steps in establishing a baseline for each identified Town or Village. An audit to help establish baseline figures and measure town/village performance will be carried out as part of the health check process.

    This will assist in being able to measure the economic diversity and social value of Waterford’s towns and villages – this collection of data alongside land use analysis will encourage strategic decision making and focus and aid funding bids within Town & Village plans. Another important piece of work involves sourcing primary data to help better understand the local Town/Village through a series of surveys to get valuable feedback and ideas from all groups living and working within Waterford’s Towns/Villages.

    Local Engagement
    As part of the local engagement phase, a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis will be undertaken in each Town/Village. The SWOT Assessment will derive important information and provide an evidence base for future projects and initiatives for the area. A place self-evaluation will also be carried out as part of this exercise to help focus possible actions.

    All Towns and Villages will have a participatory workshop to give key stakeholders the opportunity to discuss, engage and share their thoughts and aspirations on the future vision for their Town/Village allowing ideas and key priorities to be identified for action.

    Town/Village Plan
    The anticipated outcome from the health check process will be the development of a local Town/Village Plan to be used by the local community to shape their own place. A detailed report will be drafted and agreed with the local stakeholders considering the future of the town/village under relevant themes and an action plan with identified priorities, stakeholder responsibility and resource potential will be provided for each Town /Village. The themes for town/village development to consider may include:

  • Accessibility/Transportation
  • Land Use
  • Public Realm
  • Tourism and Heritage / Events and Festivals
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Facilities and Amenities

  • For further details please download "Town/Village Health Check Approach".