Commencement Notice

Any person who intends to carry out any work, or make a material change of use as regards a building must complete a Commencement Notice. The commencement date on the notice must be not less than fourteen days and not more than 28 days from the date the valid Commencement Notice is lodged in the building control Section.

Please note that in accordance with the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations S.I. 9 of 2014 from 1st March 2014 new Commencement Notice procedures apply.

Full Commencement Notice
The new requirement will apply to:

  • the design and constructions of a new dwelling
  • an extension of > 40 metres squared to a dwelling
  • works which require a Fire Safety Certification

  • Short Commencement Notice
    A ‘Short’ Commencement Notice may be submitted for the following categories of development:

    Material Alteration of:
  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Industrial Units - provided a Fire Safety certificate is NOT required.
  • An extension to a dwelling involving a floor area less than 40 square meters.

  • As part of the new system applications will be asked to use a new Online Commencement Notice Lodgement System.