Technical Guidance Documents

The Building Regulations set out the technical requirements for the design and construction of building works and are written in broad functional terms. More specific guidance is provided in the Technical Guidance Documents listed below, the full text of which can be accessed at

  • Part A - Structure
  • Part B - Fire Safety
  • Part C - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture
  • Part D - Materials and Workmanship
  • Part E - Sound
  • Part F - Ventilation
  • Part G - Hygiene
  • Part H - Drainage and Waste Water Disposal
  • Part J - Heat Producing Appliances
  • Part K - Stairways Ladders Ramps and Guards
  • Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy - Dwellings
  • Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy - Buildings Other Than Dwellings
  • Part M - Access and Use