Applying for Planning Permission

To apply for planning permission, an applicant should submit a completed Standard Planning Application form together with all necessary supporting documentation and the appropriate fee to The Planning Department, Waterford City & County Council, Menapia Building, The Mall, Waterford. The following links provide information on the various stages in the Planning Application process.

  • Erecting a Site Notice

  • Submitting a Newspaper Notice
  • Within the period of two weeks before making the planning application, an applicant is obliged to give notice of intention to make the application in a newspaper approved by Waterford City and County Council. A sample Newspaper Notice is available here and the list of approved newspapers are also listed in this document.

  • Submitting Plans, Drawings & Maps

  • Additional Information where required

  • Incomplete Planning Applications
  • If your planning application is in any way inadequate or lacking in the required documentation, it will be deemed to be invalid and returned to you. The statutory eight-week period for deciding the outcome of the application begins from the time you submit a valid application with the required information in full, pay the correct fee and give appropriate public notice of the application. For more information on validation, please see the FAQs section.

  • Choosing an Agent
  • Very few people go through the planning process without availing of the services of an architect, engineer, technician or agent. A planning consultant (agent) can guide you through the planning application process and can work with your architect, engineer or technician where necessary to deliver a high quality and compliant planning application. A list of planning consultants who are members of the Irish Planning Institute.

  • Withdrawing a planning application
  • An applicant may at any time prior to the decision date, withdraw their application by submitting a letter indicating same and signed by the person to whom the application related to. In such instances, no decision in respect of the application is deemed to have been made and internal reports are therefore not available for public viewing.

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