Exempted Developments

All development of land or property requires Planning Permission, unless it is classed as exempt.

Exempted development is development for which planning permission is not required. Categories of exempted development are set out in the Planning and Development Regulations 2001-2010. They usually refer to developments of a minor nature, such as small extensions to houses, garden walls and so on. It is your resonsibility to ensure that any existing or planned development falls within the exemption thresholds (size, height, etc). If the particular development exceeds the thresholds listed, the development requires planning permission.

If you are uncertain whether your proposed development requires planning permission, please contact the Planning Department for more information.

The following leaflets, which are available from the Planning offices, and the Department of Environment website, give details of the main exemptions:

  • Planning Leaflets - main page
  • PL.5 - Doing Work Around the House
  • PL.6 – Agricultural & Farm Development
  • PL.7 – Planning for the Business Person

  • Exempted Development FAQs
    We have set out a comprehensive set of Frequently Asked Questions in this section.

  • Exempted Development FAQs

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