Reporting a Fault

We encourage members of the public to report lighting faults through the new Dead Sure app, available online.

In the first instance, please go to the website

  • Take note of the instructions on how to locate the particular light you wish to report.
  • Having read the initial message, click Close.
  • Type the address or street name of where the issue is
  • Click on the Blue balloon (indicates that the light has been taken in charge by the Council)
  • Enter the fault information or choose from the drop down menu
  • NB: at end of screen enter the security code (capatcha) listed.
  • Click 'Log Fault' and this will log the issue with us. You will receive an acknolwedgement email.
  • Note: If the light in question has a Green balloon, this indicates that the lighting has not been taken in charge by the Council and you must contact the (estate) developer to look after the fault.

    Alternatively, you can contact Killaree Lighting Services at 056 7767410 or 056 7767385 or contact our Customer Services Department on 0761 10 20 20 and they will log the fault for you.

    What you need to include
    Please include as much of the following information when reporting a fault:

  • The town or village and street name
  • The number on the pole
  • The location of the light (for example, outside house number 3)
  • Your name and contact number