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Roads forms

  • Application for Abnormal Load permit
  • Road Opening Licence Application form (2017)
  • Application Form for Licence for Erection of Fencing, Hoarding or Scaffolding
  • Application form to apply to temporarily Close A Road (2014)

  • Parking Permit Application forms

  • Carer's Parking Permit Application form (2015)
  • Resident's Parking Permit Application form (2019)
  • Student's Parking Permit Application form (2015)
  • Visitor's Parking Permit Application form (2015)
  • Builder's Parking Permit form

  • AppleMarket Automated Barrier forms

  • Application Form for Automated Barrier Sticker
  • Application Form for PSV, Taxi etc., for Automated Barrier Sticker

  • Parking Fine Appeals form

  • Parking Fine Appeal form (2018)

  • Small Business Delivery Permit
    The Council permits small businesses who do not have separate vehicles for personal and business use to use their private vehicle for limited deliveries to their place of business. The permit will allow the vehicle to be used in a legal parking space on a specified street adjoining the business premises only for a period of 30 minutes while actively loading or unloading, without the requirement to display a pay and display ticket. Only businesses in good standing with the rates Department are eligible for this permit. The permit costs €15 and can be applied for using the application form below.

  • Application Form - Small Business Delivery Permit
  • Council's policy on Commercial Delivery Parking

  • Control of Skip Bye-Laws - Application Forms

  • Skip Operator Licence - Application Form
  • Skip Permit - Application Form
  • Bye-Laws Documentation
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