Expired Public Consultation

Better Energy Communities Scheme 2017


Waterford Energy Bureau / Waterford City and County Council Environment Department were seeking to engage with community groups and businesses to partake in partnership with WCCC in submitting a funding application for energy efficiency and renewable energy Technologies installations under the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland under the “Better Energy Communities scheme 2017”. Funding is available for cross sector projects for increasing the energy performance of buildings, community facilities and transport systems.

Level of Funding available includes:

  • Private Sector Buildings (up to 30% grant funding)
  • Commercial organisations (up to 30% grant funding)
  • Voluntary / Community-based organisations (50% grant funding)
  • Public sector non-residential works. (30%-50% depending on project)
  • Renewable energy technology that can be funded include biomass boilers, solar water heating, solar PV, heat pumps and combined heat and power plants. Eligible energy efficiency upgrades that are eligible under the scheme include heating upgrades, pumps, insulation, windows, doors, LED lighting, transport equipment etc.

    The grant application will be submitted by mid February and only projects proposed by the end of January 2018 will be considered within an overall grant application value up to €1,000,000. Subject to grant approval all related works were to have been completed by October 2017. Expressions of interest can be submitted to lfleming@waterfordcouncil.ie

    See also the Sustainable Energies Ireland website for application forms and further information.

    This period of public consultation has now closed. To enquire about a project, please call 0761 10 20 20 or email us