Expired Public Consultation

River Basin Management Plan 2018-2021


The aim of the RBM Plan is to bring improvements to water quality in rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waterbodies, as required under EU and national legislation. The next RBMP will run from 2018 to 2021. Following extensive public consultation and technical input during 2017, the draft RBM Plan is at an advanced stage and this was the final consultation stage before finalisation of the plan in December 2017.

What we asked you to do
We asked that you consider the proposed action areas and if you believe that a waterbody you are familiar with should be added to the list of areas for action, to please let us know by filling out a feedback form on page 4. The information you provided will be “stress tested” against the selection criteria following scientific best practice and if it meets these criteria it will be considered for inclusion in the Areas for Action agreed list. The deadline for submissions was Oct 31st.

Where can I get more information?
You were most welcome to attend the information stands at the customer service desks at:

  • Civic Offices, Davitt’s Quay, Dungarvan, on Friday Oct 20th, 1-3pm
  • Baileys New Street, Waterford City, on Monday Oct 23rd 1-3pm.

  • The website www.catchments.ie also provides full information on the plan and the underlying European and national legislation.


  • Recommended Areas for Action (Draft)
  • This period of public consultation has now closed. To enquire about a project, please call 0761 10 20 20 or email us