Expired Public Consultations 2017

From time to time, Waterford City & County Council asks for the public's input and opinion on proposed developments in Waterford. Different projects and plans may have periods of public consultation, during which members of the public can make observations on proposed developments or can contribute ideas to proposed projects.

Projects regarding which the public's consultation was requested in 2017, but whose consultation period has expired, are listed below:

  • Waterford Metropolitan District Council (Appointed Stands Amendment 1) Bye-Laws, 2017
  • Waterford Metropolitan District Council (Appointed Stands Amendment 2) Bye-Laws, 2017
  • Draft Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws
  • Control of Parking Bye-Laws for the Metropolitan District of Waterford
  • Notice of Proposed Casual Trading Bye-Laws
  • Expressions of Interest from traders sought regarding Waterford Greenway
  • Review of the Tenant Purchase Scheme
  • Town & Village Renewal Scheme 2017
  • Community & Voluntary Group participation in official Waterford Greenway Opening
  • These periods of public consultation have closed. To enquire about a project, please call 0761 10 20 20 or email us