Community & Sport Department

Community & Sport Department

Community and Sport is a department that aims to help communities in Waterford City and County become vibrant and safe with an excellent quality of life and a sustainable, healthier future. These strong communities are important in developing Waterford into the future.

The department delivers on its objectives using a Community Plan for Waterford. This plan forms a critical element of a 6-year Local Economic and Community Plan for Waterford.

The 'Waterford Local Community Development Committee' (LCDC) prepares the Community element of the plan which provides the basis for a more coherent, streamlined and co-ordinated approach to local and community development programmes. The LCDC have primary responsibility for planning and oversight of local development spend. Local government, state agencies, local community and development and social, community and economic interests are be represented on the LCDC.

The 'Community Strategic Policy Committee' assists in the formulation and development of the various elements of a Community Services policy for Waterford City and County Council. It facilitates the participation of a range of sectoral interests at local level. The SPC review policy relevant to its area of responsibility and make recommendations to the full Council on policy matters generally and on the adoption of new policies.

The 'Waterford Public Participation Network' (PPN) is a new framework for public engagement and participation. It involves more extensive and more diverse inputs into decision-making at local government level in Waterford through the involvement of sectoral interests. The PPN is the main link through which the local authority connects with the community, voluntary and environmental sectors. The PPN is the main channel through which people are selected to participate in various processes of the County/City and its boards/committees. The PPN is organised at county/city level and also at Municipal District level. The Municipal District PPN is made up of community, voluntary and environmental organisations operating within the Municipal District.

  • Public Participation Network Guidelines
  • Expression of Interest in Public Participation Network

The functions of the Community and Sport department include:

  • The development and support of communities – both communities of place and communities of interest – to become more self reliant
  • Assisting communities to work together
  • Promoting co-operative behaviour particularly in relation to the provision of community, social, recreational and leisure activities
  • Support for those who are socially excluded
  • Support for various ageing well, youth, community safety and family support initiatives in the community
  • Implementation of estate management initiatives
  • Administration of schemes of grants etc. for projects undertaken by voluntary groups
  • Efforts to increase participation in sport and physical activity by supporting the development of sports facilities and promoting active communities
  • Support of the Local Community Development Committee
  • Council oversight and administration relating to the Rural Development Programme
  • Council oversight and administration relating to the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme
  • Support for the Public Participation Network
  • Development of an Age-Friendly City and County
  • Administration of the Joint Policing Committee

Partner organisations include:

Contact the Community & Sport Department

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  • Civic Offices, Davitt's Quay, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.  [ view on a map ]