Waterford Migrant Integration Strategy 2021-2024

This strategy offers a supportive framework for the integration and inclusion of all migrant communities in Waterford City and County. It aims to support the integration of migrants in all facets of life in our city and county; it encompasses strategic actions that relate to all aspects of life, including the economy, civic life, public administration services, community development, sport, the arts and recreation.

Integration recognises the rights of migrants to give expression to their own culture in a manner that does not conflict with the basic values of the European Union and Irish society, as reflected in Ireland’s constitution and laws.
Societies change as a consequence of migration. Life changes for migrants, and the receiving / host society is also affected. Therefore, integration is a two-way process. It involves both migrants and the host society. An inclusive approach – involving migrants and Irish people - ensures that the benefits of greater diversity can be more fully realised.


  • Waterford Migrant Integration Strategy 2021-2024 (Full document)
  • Waterford Migrant Integration Strategy 2021-2024 (Summary document)
  • Straitéis um Imeascadh Imirceach Phort Láirge 2021 – 2024