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Digital Strategy - Public Consultation

Waterford City & County Council is preparing a Digital Strategy to encourage and support communities and businesses to reap the full rewards of a digitally enabled society. As part of this process the Council wishes to hear your views on the key issues to be explored and addressed in the Digital Strategy. The Issues Paper below has been developed to support consultation and stakeholder engagement. It presents an overview of the strategy framework, sets out questions and encourages discussion that should be considered in the Strategy review. This phase will be followed by the preparation and publication of a Digital Strategy.

  • Strategic Issues Paper
  • Make a submission on the Issues Paper. You can submit by email to
  • The purpose of this Issues Paper is to ask members of the public for their comments, submissions or suggestions relating to the Digital Strategy pillars (and specific objectives) as set out in the information below. This Public Consultation will run from Tuesday 22nd December to Friday 23rd January 2021. Get involved.

    Local input is considered vital to the entire Digital Strategy process and we value what you have to say. We hope that this Issues Paper will stimulate interest and initiate debate resulting in constructive, positive and helpful feedback.

    Alternatively, send your submission by post to Broadband Officer, IT Department, Waterford City & County Council, Civic Offices, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. Only submissions that are named, addressed and received by Friday 23rd January 2021 can be accepted. Submissions should not be made in more than one format.

    The development of a digital strategy for Waterford commenced back in early 2018 when a steering group was formed. The four main themes of the digital strategy; are:

  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Citizen/Community
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Council
  • The working group is charged with developing objectives and actions for the Digital Strategy Implementation Plan under each theme and contributing to the Digital Strategy Report. Waterford’s Broadband Officer is coordinating the digital strategy through the working group and the Department of Communications (DCCAE), the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD) and their appointed consultants to deliver our local digital strategy.

    A digital readiness assessment was completed in 2018, followed by training at national digital strategy workshops which led to the creation of guidelines for development of local digital strategies. These guidelines are helping to progress to report completion by laying out a strategy roadmap.

    For more information on digital strategy for Waterford please contact the Broadband Development Officer at .

  • See also the National Digital Strategy 2013 here.
  • Contact the Broadband Officer

    0761 10 28 35
    Contact: Jack Doyle

  • Information Systems Office, 3rd Floor, Civic Offices, Dungarvan