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To explore the story of the SS Formby and SS Coningbeg please download The Waterford Shipping Disaster 1917

The Waterford Shipping Disaster 1917

SS Formby Shipwrecked 15th December 1917


The SS Formby was built by the Clyde Shipping Company in 1914. It was operated by the Waterford Steamship Company and was on a voyage from Liverpool to Waterford when it was torpedoed by U-62 on 15th December 1917. U-62 was captained by Ernst Hashagen at the time.

SS Formby

The delay of the arrival of the ship lead to fears for the safety of the crew among their family and friends awaiting their arrival in Waterford.


C. Minnard, Captain (St. Declan’s Place, Waterford); A. Gillies, 1st Mate (Argyleshire); J. Rankin, 2nd Mate (Argyleshire); M.Butler, (Alphonsus Road, Waterford); W. Fortune (Fethard, Wexford); E. Burke (Dunmore East, Waterford); T. Keating (Passage East, Waterford); J. Hurley (Passage East, Waterford); T. Coffey(Poleberry, Waterford); J. Clawson (Cheekpoint); J. Burns (Cheekpoint); P. Doyle (Doyle St, Waterford); J. Moir, 1st Enginneer (Lower Newtown); W. Lumley 2nd Engineer (Thomas St, Waterford); J. Lennon, 3rd Engineer (Kilmeaden); T. Condon (Roanmore Road, Waterford); W. Hennebry (Kilmury, Kilkenny); J. Walsh (Passage East); P. Cooke (Slieverue); G. Carpenter (Ferrybank); W. Connolly (Gallows Hill, Waterford); B. Murphy (Newport Lane); J. Kiely (Gradys Yard); M. Hennebry (Kilmurry, Kilkenny); E. Hennessy (Banks Lane); G S Sinclair (Liverpool); A. O’Callaghan (Green St.); J. Morrissey (Parliament St. ); J. Connor, Gunner (Dublin); D. Coults, Gunner (Shetland); C. Basford, Gunner (Hull); J.H. Chappell, Gunner (Bristol); P. Brown, Cattleman (Johnstown); E. Meyler, Cattleman (Lower Grange); T. Meaney, Cattleman (Browns Lane); K. Grant, Cattleman (Blakes Lane); W. Cullen, Cattleman (Newport Lane); T. Pender, Cattleman (New Lane); T. Dobbyn, Cattleman (Doyle St.); P. Quinlan, Cattleman (Cannon St.); J. Manning, Cattleman (Roanmore Road); J. McGrath, Cattleman (Yellow Road); D. O’Connell, Cattleman (Graces Lane); J. O’Brien, Cattleman (Sergeants Court); J. Sullivan, Cattleman (Faithlegg); J. Hayes, Cattleman (Carickphierish); M. Eustace, Cattleman, Lady Lane; Michael O’Brien (Butlerstown); James White (Lower Grange).

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamnach dílse

SS Coningbeg Shipwrecked 17th December 1917


A Waterford Steamship Company ship the SS Coningbeg was built in 1904 and like the SS Formby it was returning to Waterford from Liverpool carrying livestock, food and a general cargo. It was toredoed by U-62 on 17 December 1917 and all aboard were lost. Tragically bad weather prevented the telegraph office in Waterford from warning the Coningbeg that the SS Formby had failed to arrive as scheduled so they were unable to prevent the SS Coningbeg from suffering the same fate.

SS Coningbeg


J. Lumley, Mater (Percy Terrace); D. Livingston, Mate (Gracedieu Road); M. Miller, 2nd Mate (Argyleshire); P. Hennessy (Alphonsus Road); M. Barry (Parliament St); S. Whitty (Roanmore Road); W. Cahill (Tramore); P. Walsh (Passage East); T. Griffin (Doyle Street); N Hughes (Roches St.); L. Comerford (Presentation Row); M Phelan (Castle St.); WH Johnson, 1st Engineer (Cheshire); A O’Beirne, 2nd Engineer (Canada St.); J. Chestnut, 3rd Engineer (Johnstown); J. McCarthy (Yellow Road); M McCarthy (Stephen St); R. Kehoe (Johnstown); E. Hunt (Alphonsus Road); D. Cleary (Henrietta St); W. Dower (Newport Lane); J. Wall (Grange Terrace); P. Wall (Gracedieu); P. Cullen (Chapel Lane); P. Westead (Francis St.); J. Sullivan (Poleberry); H. Treacy, Steward (Thomas St); E. Phelan, Stewardess (Cheshire); J. Kane (Passage Road); Denis McCarthy (Greenmount, Cork); Joseph Brosnan (Cahirciveen, Kerry); Michael Crotty (Carrick Road, Portlaw) and James Phelan (Barrack Street, Waterford.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamnacha dílse

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