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Shipwrecks off the Waterford Coast 1914-1918


There has been a long history of shipwrecks along the Waterford coast. During the First World War and the battle for control of the seas between the German and British navies many ships were sunk along the coast of Waterford in the period 1914-1918. The addition of the U-boat in the military arsenal brought many a ship to disaster. And still as war waged so too did the weather and the sea and ships were also brought to their end by the forces of nature as well as the forces of war in this period.

Listed below are the ships that were shelled along the Waterford coastline. The information has been taken from a number of sources and includes ships lost due to the weather and other unknown causes during the period 1914-1918. If you discover any errors in the information provided, our sincere apologies, please get in contact with the information you have and we will be happy to update and correct the information provided. We would also be delighted to receive any further information or any images you may have about these shipwrecks and those that so tragically lost their lives.

For all of those who lost their lives and for those who risked their lives to save them “Ar Dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamnacha dílse”



SV Morning Star 1915

This schooner carrying a cargo of coal was en route from Cardiff to Cork when it struck a reef 0.5 miles east of Dunabrattin 

The SS Meadowfield

9 July 1915

The SS Meadowfield EU


The SS Meadowfield was a 2,750 ton steamer with an unknown cargo. She was shelled and sunk by U-20 50 miles southwest of Waterford. The ship was shelled while those aboard were boarding the lifeboats. One life was lost in the attack, that of, Ordinary Seaman Neil McLean of Inverness.




A 1330 ton steam with unknown cargo, she sank between Ardmore and Capel Island. The cause is not known.


SS Manchester Engineer

SS Manchester Engineer EU

27 March 1916


This Manchester steamer was carrying a general cargo en route from Philadelphia to Manchester when it was torpedoed by U-44, 13 miiles south-southwest of Waterford. There were no casaulaties.

April 1916

In April 1916 the Montezuma was en route to Swansea when it foundered 2 miles noth-northeast of Smalls Light. The steamer Courier of Milford had sheltered in Passage on 31st March and then came upon the Montezuma in distress. They attempted to assist but the ship went down before they could. There were no survivors among the crew of 15.

SS Sea Fisher SS Sea Fisher EU

9 December 1916


This steamer was en route from Waterford to Barrow and left the harbour on 9 December 1916 never to be heard from again.

ML-197 ML-197 EU

31 January 1917

This motor launch sank near Ballinacourty Lighthouse. Cause unkown.


Mediterranean EU

10 March 1917


The Mediterranean was a schooner carrying a cargo of coal and cast iron ingots to Schull. It was shelled by U-70 13 miles sout of Hook Point. U-70 was captained by Otto Wunsche. There were no casualties.

SS Folia

SS Folia EU

11 March 1917


The SS Folia was an ocean liner on a journey from New York to Avonmouth with trench digging machiner, shell cases and general cargo. It was torpedoed 4 miles off Ram Head, Ardmore by U-53. The submarine surfaced and sunk the vessel by gunfire. 7 crew were lost and there were 68 survivors.

FV Pancaer 

FV Pancaer EU 

16 March 1917

The FV Pancaer sank 8 miles south east of Mine Head lighthouse. A fishing smack, it was stopped and scuttled by UC-48 captained by Kurt Ramien. All crew survived. 

SS Providence 

22 March 1917

While on a voyage from Cork to France with a cargo of hay the SS Providence was mined by UC-48 when 1.25 miles southwest of Barrels Rock. No lives were lost. 


SS Linconshire  

29 March 1917

This cargo ship was on a voyage from New York to Le Harve when it was torpedoed and sunk by U-57 eight miles south west X south of Hook Head. There were no casualties 

 SS Bandon 

SS Bandon PDF 

13 April 1917

The SS Bandon was owned by the Cork Steam Packet Company and was captained by PF Kelly. It was en route to Cork from Liverpool with a crew of 32. The ship was torpedoed and sank with a loss of 28 crew members and 4 survivors.  

SS Gold Coast 

SS Gold Coast EU 

19 April 1917

A Liverpool armed steamer en route from Dakar to Liverpool. It was torpedoed by UC-47 14 miles south of Mine Head.  
 Loch Eye 

20 April 1917

This admiralty trawler hit a mine from UC-33 one and a quarter miles southwest of Hook Point. 7 lives were lost.  

 SV Marie  

SV Marie EU 

SV Marie UBoat 

4 May 1917 

This French sailing vessel was stopped and scuttled by UC-75 30 miles south of Waterford. 

SS Feltira  

SS Feltira EU 

5 May 1917 

The SS Feltira was an ocean liner on a voyage from New York to Avonmouth when it was torpedoed and sunk by UC-48 eight miles sout west of Mine Head with the loss of 45 lives.  

 SS Greta 

SS Greta EU 

5 May 1917 

A Liverpool steamer en route from Cork to Neath Abbey it was shelled by UC-48 eleven miles southeast of Mine Head.  

SS Barrister 

SS Barrister EU 

11 May 1917

A British cargo ship en route from Brazil to Liverpool. It was torpedoed by U-49 and sank 7 miles southwest of Mine Head. All aboard survived. 

Lady of the Lake 

Lady of the Lake EU 

30 June 1917 

This 51 ton ketch was carrying a cargo of pit wood from Cork to newport when it was sunk by a mine from UC-31 twenty-five miles southeast by east of Mine Head. 
George Milburn EU

12 July 1917 

A Royal Navy minesweeping trawler it was sunk by a mine from UC-42. 11 lives were lost. 


Excelsior EU

23 July 1917

A sailing ketch en route from Youghal to Liverpool, it sank 3.5 miles east of Ardmore Bay. Cause unknown.


 A Waterford trawler carrying ballast sunk 200 yards east of the Coastguard Station in Helvick. Cause unknown.

 UC-44 Uboat 

UC-44 Commanders  


4-5 August 1917

A German submarine sunk by her own mine. The Captain, Kurt Tebbenjohanns and 2 crewmen reached the surface and were separated. The Captain was rescued by local fishermen. The two crewmen could not be rescued. All but one of the 28 crew died.  

 SS Falkland

SS Falkland EU

12 August 1917

A Norwegian tanker en route from Philadelphia to Liverpool, torpedoed by U-55 south by east of Mine Head. 10 crew were lost.  

The Comita

13 August 1917

A Glasgow ship this was mined and sank 5 miles from Ardmore. The crew was rescued by lifeboat.  

 SS Zeta

SS Zeta EU

14 September 1917

An armed steamer en route from Barry to Zarate. Torpedoed by UC-51 fifteen miles south-southeast of Helvick Head. No casualties were recorded.  

SS Sandsend

SS Sandsend EU

16 September 1917

An armed steamer en route from Barry to Cobh. It was torpedoed by UC-48, six miles southeast by east of Mine Head. Three of the crew were lost.

SS Bedale

SS Bedale EU

6 October 1917

Armed steamer en route from Cardiff to Berehaven. Torpedoed by U-96 twenty-five miles southeast by east of Mine Head. Three of the crew were lost.

SS Formby

15 December 1917

Clyde Shipping Company cargo ship for the Waterford Steam Packet Company. It was torpedoed on a voyage from Liverpool to Waterford by U-62, captained by Ernst Hashagen. All on board were lost.

SS Coningbeg

17 December 1917

Waterford Steamship Company and Clyde Shipping Company ship. Returning from Liverpool to Waterford carrying livestock, food and general cargo. Due to bad weather the telegraph office were unable to warn the Coningbeg that the Formby had not arrived safely in Waterford. It was torpedoed by U-62. All aboard were lost.

SS Canova

SS Canova EU

24 December 1917

A Liverpool steamer carrying a cargo of wheat. It was en route from Brazil to Liverpool when it was torpedoed by U-105 fifteen miles south of Mine Head. Seven of the crew were lost.

FV Friendship

FV Friendship EU

13 February 1917

A 37 ton smack it was sunk by U-65 off Smalls Light. Four of the crew were lost.

 SS Pinewood

SS Pinewood EU

17 February 1917

A London armed steamer shelled by U-86 en route from Cardiff to Cobh. It was shelled 22 miles south-southeast of Mine Head. Two of the crew were lost.

 SS Lough Fisher

SS Lough Fisher EU

30 March 1918

This steamer was en route from Cork to Garston when it was shelled and sunk by U-101 twelve miles south-southeast of Helvick Head. Thirteen of the crew were lost.  

 SS Hebburn

SS Hebburn EU

25 September 1918

A Newcastle steamer it was torpedoed by UB-91 fourteen miles south of Mine Head. Six of the crew were lost.  




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