Votes of Sympathy

The First World War had a huge impact on the people of Waterford and many families were severely affected through the loss of family members on the battle fields.

The sinking of the Lusitania provoked outrage and sympathy in the City and the County Council. Waterford City Council resolved on 17th May 1915:

“That we tender our deep sympathy to the relatives of the “Lusitania” victims who were so foully and brutally murdered, and also to the owners of the “Lusitania” and we wish to place on record our abhorrence of what we consider, one of the most fiendish and diabolical crimes in history”.

Waterford County Council resolved on 25th May 1915:

“That we join with the rest of the civilised world in expressing our horror and indignation at the atrocious and unparalleled outrage committed by Germany in the sinking of the Lusitania with her human freight of 2000 souls, a cold blooded massacre of non combatants and the most heinous crime perpetrated against humanity during the history of the world, and we desire to express our sympathy with the affected families of the victims”.

‌‌‌‌John Redmond, MP, who had called for the Irish Volunteers to join the British Army and who had exhorted people to enlist was himself to feel the loss of so many families when his brother William Redmond died in 1917. ‌A vote of condolence was made by the members of Waterford City Council for John Redmond and for all of the family of Major WHK Redmond.

On 3rd July 1917 Waterford City Council:

“tender our deep regret and sincere sympathy to the parents, brothers and sisters, wives and families of the brave and gallant Irish soldiers from Port Láirge who sacrificed their lives on the bloody battlefields of France, Flanders, Belgium, Greece and Italy, nobly fighting for human liberty, and the freedom and civilisation of the Christian world. May they Rest in Peace”.

Waterford was to have its own Shipping Disaster when two steamers went missing in the middle of December 1917. On Monday 31st December the City Mayor presided over a public meeting held in the Large Room to raise money for a relief fund for the many families who had been devastated by this loss. It was reported by the Munster Express newspaper on 5th January 1918 that £800 had already been raised by the meeting for the families of the bereaved. The Mayor spoke on the night about the difficulty in being able to speak freely about the event that had occurred as "it is not considered right that we should discuss certain facts which might be of use to the enemy". Mr. G. A. Curry, Company Secretary said "They knew well the risks they were running from an unscrupulous and cruel enemy, but they faced these like true men, and the name of every one of them deserves to be inscribed on the proud roll of Ireland's heroes."

Waterford Shipping Disaster 1917‌
Presented here is a list of those lost in the Waterford Shipping Disaster.

  • Waterford Shipping Disaster - List of Names
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    On 5th March 1918, Waterford City Council expressed thanks to the Cork Corporation:‌‌

    “For their kind vote of sympathy and condolence with relatives and friends of the Waterford Sailors who lost their lives in the grave disaster off the Irish Coast”.

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