Records Management

The City and County Archive provides Records Management Services to Waterford City and County Council.

Records have a three-stage life cycle:

  • Current: records are stored within the offices and are frequently required by staff in order to carry out the functions of their section.
  • Non-current: records become non-current when they are needed for only occasional reference or in order to meet legal or financial obligations. When records are non-current they are taken out of the offices and stored in a Records Centre.
  • Archive/Dispose: records that are no longer required by the local authority are destroyed or transferred to the Archive.
  • Records Management Policy

  • This is the policy document for Records Management in Waterford City & County Council
  • Records Centre Procedures document. This document contains the relevant procedures for the Records Centre.

  • National Retention Policy
    The National Retention Policy for Local Authority Records is the Records Schedule used by Waterford City and County Council in common with other local authorities in Ireland. It is a Records Schedule, which states how long each stage of the life cycle lasts and states whether or not the records are to be sent to the Archive or disposed of. It was drawn up by a group of Freedom of Information Officers and Local Authority Archivists in consultation with staff in the local authorities and published by the Local Government Management Services Board in 2002.