Estate Records

There have been a number of great estates in Waterford. These were lands owned and managed by landowners who rented out lands to tenants. The records of these estates, where they survive, can provide a great deal of information about the tenants on the estate.

Estate records can include Rental Books, Tenant Application Books, correspondence with tenants and financial accounts of dealings with tenants. They are a very valuable source for researchers of family history. Unfortunately, in many cases landed estate records have not survived.

See Private Papers for details of such Estate Records held by the Waterford City and County Archive. The National Archives of Ireland have some records relating to estates and the National Library of Ireland also hold records of estates, these records can be searched by searching the National Library's Manuscripts collection online.

Some landowners' records may be held by other archives services. In Ireland, you can check the archive portal website, IAR, where collection level descriptions are being added from archives across the country. In the UK you can check