Our Natural Heritage

Waterford has a variety of landscapes and is characterised by the River Suir, the Comeragh Mountains, several south-flowing river systems and a rugged coastline with many coves and beaches. The diversity of landscapes and natural heritage within the county enables views and prospects of areas of natural beauty from many public roads.

There are a number of diverse habitats found in Waterford. Some habitats are of national importance and are recognised through designation as Natural Heritage Areas or proposed Natural Heritage Areas (pNHAs). Other habitats are of European Importance and are designated Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) for their habitat or plant/animal species value or Special Protection Areas (SPAs) for birdlife.

In addition to designated sites there are many other important sites for wildlife such as wetlands, woodlands, and hedgerows. A number of mammals and fish species protected under European legislation occur in Waterford rivers and coastal areas. These include Salmon, Lamprey, Shad, Freshwater Pearl Mussel, White-Clawed Crayfish, Otter, Seals, Whales and Dolphins.

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  • Waterford has a natural and rich heritage consisting of plants, animals and their habitats. If you spot anything unusual, please contact the Heritage Officer.