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Placeholder image The Environment Department has responsibility for a wide range of areas. We are responsible for the following areas :

  • Litter - Our wardens prevent and control litter, illegal dumping and illegal burning.
  • Awareness - We aim to increase environmental awareness, and run school visits to promote environmental awareness among our younger citizens.
  • Cleansing - Our cleansing department clean the roads and streets of our villages and towns.
  • Our Civic Amenity Sites in Dungarvan and Waterford City provide an opportunity for citizens to dispose of waste and recycling responsibly.
  • Waterford City & County Dog Shelter.
  • The Environment Section use surveillance technology to assist their work in relation to Litter, Waste Management and for detection of illegal dumping. There are policies in place for Trail Cameras, Dashcams and Drones.

    Climate Change Adaptation Strategy
    On 12th September 2019, Waterford City and County Council's "Climate Change Adaptation Strategy" was adopted by the elected members of Waterford City and County Council. The strategy will have a duration of 5 years and run until 2024 and be subject to a biannual review. The strategy focuses on the implementation of adaptation measures, which ensures communities, and society as a whole, become resilient to the impacts and risks of climate change.

    Access to Information on the Environment
    European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment)(Amendment) 2007 - 2014 (S.I. No. 133 of 2007 and S.I. No. 662 of 2011 and S.I. 615 of 2014) (hereafter referred to as the AIE Regulations), give legal rights to those seeking to access information on the environment from public authorities. This section contains that information.

    Recycling turns our waste materials into new useful products. This reduces the use of finite raw materials, saves energy and helps control air, water and land pollution. Recycling is a group effort. We all have our part to play to make sure our recycling is properly sorted. Recycling that includes non-recyclable items or is contaminated with food waste can end up in landfill.

    It only takes a few minutes to rinse out plastic, glass & tin containers and sort your cardboard to avoid a disposal problem that will live with future generations for hundreds or even thousands of years. To find out more about what you can recycle, visit https://www.mywaste.ie/page-what-to-do-with/ or click on the following link:

  • What to do with your waste

  • October is Ireland's National Reuse Month. Reuse is about valuing our stuff, by using and reusing it for as long and as often as possible. This avoids the need to extract raw materials, manufacture and distribute new stuff, and avoids waste thereby cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. Why not make a commitment to reuse as many things as possible to save the environment.

    Upcoming local events

    11.30am, 7th October 2021: Refill workshop for Secondary Schools. Let us help you to reduce plastic in your secondary school. Join Refill, Waterford City and County Council and Wexford County Council at 11.30am on 7th October for an online workshop to be in with a chance to win a contactless water dispenser and 500 reusable bottles for your school worth €2460. This workshop is for teachers and their class. Join Refill Ireland, Waterford City & County Council and Wexford County Council will to find out more about how best to approach businesses about providing a refill of water and to sign up to the Tap Map. Full information will be provided on this at the workshop. The workshop will be approximately 40 minutes long. (click here to see details of the competition tied in with this) https://submit.link/o2

    7pm, 13th October 2021: Fashion and the Environment workshop for teachers. Help your class to take action on climate change, water pollution and over consumption in this simple lesson. Begin a conversation about where their clothes were made and how long they will last. The accompanying teaching pack contains a presentation and teaching handbook to educate pupils about the impacts of fast fashion on our environment; download this today from here You can register for this workshop here at eventbrite.ie

    7pm, 19th October 2021: Conscious Cup workshop for businesses, Tidy Towns groups and others. Did you know that we discard over 22,000 single use cups in Ireland every hour? Single use cups, whether they are biodegradable or compostable, still require vast amounts of natural resources to manufacture, which all impact negatively our environment. This virtual workshop will be led by Sorcha Kavanagh, coordinator of the Conscious Cup Campaign. It aims to give businesses information on the benefits of promoting and accepting reusable and upcoming changes that will take place with new legislation coming down the tracks. It will also inform community groups such as Tidy Towns groups how to can encourage local business in their towns and villages to sign up and accept reusables. Sorcha will demonstrate how simple it is for any business to get involved and in the campaign and how we in our communities can encourage this positive climate action. This event will take place on Microsoft Teams

    7pm, 21st October 2021: Furniture Upcycling workshop with Marianne Heaphy. This Introduction to Furniture Upcycling Workshop will start with how to prepare furniture for upcycling and detail all the materials that are needed. The techniques will include painting the furniture and achieving a beautiful spray-like finish. Decoupage using napkins and wallpaper will be demonstrated. Different options on revamping hardware will also be run through. To attend this event, simply visit here on MS Teams on the night

    10am, 2nd November 2021: Sustainable Living, a 2 hour workshop that helps people find easy and enjoyable ways to move towards more sustainable living. The course covers 3 craft topics so people can make their own soap, make their own wax wraps and make their own biodegradable pots by the end of the session. With Aoife Munn, Environmentalist and Horticulturist with a focus on sustainability through practical learning. Register now for this event at eventbrite.ie

    Also this Reuse Month: Sports Club Competition – for more information on how to reduce plastics at your sport club, see https://submit.link/rt. Join Sports Clubs around the County and take a pledge to reduce single use plastic and be in with a chance to win 100 branded reusable bottles for your club. Sports clubs in Waterford are invited to register to take a pledge to reduce single use plastic at their club grounds. Once you pledge and register with Refill’s Tap Map, you will be sent a sign to place above your tap, along with a social media post about your pledge to let your members know about the work you are doing. You will also be entered into a draw to win 100 reusable bottles for your sports club, branded with your club logo. For further information see https://submit.link/rt.

    Upcycle Challenge

    MyWaste are challenging you to unearth the imagination within and create something new out of something old…to breathe new life into an old or unwanted item or material. So if you can find something old and renovate it or turn it into something completely different but still usable then you can enter the Upcycle Challenge at https://www.mywaste.ie/upcycle-challenge21/

    How can I get involved?

    National Reuse Month’s aim is to inspire you and provide you with the skills and tools to reuse more at home, at work and at play. Check out the MyWaste site for some tips and suggestions https://www.mywaste.ie/reuse-month/

    National Reuse Month’s aim is to inspire you and provide you with the skills and tools to reuse more at home, at work and at play.

    Check out the MyWaste site for some tips and suggestions https://www.mywaste.ie/reuse-month/

    Contact the Environment Department

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