End of Life Vehicles

If you wish to scrap your vehicle you are required by law to deposit your car with a vehicle recycling facility (authorised treatment facility) for recycling. If your car is complete and free of rubbish, a vehicle recycling facility is obliged to take back your car free of charge. There may be a small charge to collect your vehicle.

The vehicle recycling facility should issue you with a Certificate of Destruction ending your responsibility for the vehicle. Authorised facilities located in Waterford are as follows.

Cars can also be recycled through the ELVES network, which is a motor industry run network of authorised treatment facilities. See www.elves.ie for details.

End of Life Vehicles - Authorised facilities
Permit Number Operator Name Location Permit Expiry Date No. Vehicles p/a Permitted


Richard Nugent

Ballymartin, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford




John O’Brien

Kilgainy, Clonmel, Co. Waterford




Jim & Sean Moroney

Ballycullane, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford




Thomas Kiely

Gortnadiha, Ring, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford




When you deposit your vehicle at an ATF you should get a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) confirming it will be recycled and recovered. Sometimes an ATF may offer to transfer the vehicle’s ownership from you to them, for example if they feel they can repair the car for resale. You should always get a CoD or the ownership transferred. Without this, you still have responsibility for the vehicle. If you are scrapping your vehicle you should always use an ATF, if you don’t, you could be liable for a €100 fine.