Choice Based Lettings

Waterford City & County Council operates the CBL Scheme to allow approved applicants to express an interest in a suitable properties in any area. A ‘suitable’ property is one that matches the applicant‘s approved housing needs.

Approved housing & transfer applicants can submit an expression of interest on any suitable CBL property via the Council’s website. Such applicants should log in below using their PPS number and Date of Birth.


Note: The Choice Based Letting system is taken offline between Thursdays at 12 noon and Fridays at 9 am.

The Choice Based Letting (CBL) Scheme will operate as follows:

CBL is a method used for allocating Council properties, offering involvement for housing / transfer applicants in selecting their new home. This scheme will allow approved applicants to express an interest in a suitable council property in any area available. A ‘suitable’ council property is one that matches the applicant’s approved housing need i.e. the number of bedrooms that applicants are approved for.

You should only submit an expression of interest in a property that you are willing to live in and that suits your approved housing need. Should you refuse an offer of a council property that you expressed an interest in, you will not be entitled to make further expressions of interest on further CBL council properties for a period of one year. Your time on the housing list will also be suspended for a period of one year.
Only approved housing and transfer applicants can express interest in the properties advertised. To access the system, you will require your PPS number and date of birth. If you cannot access the system and you think you are an approved housing or transfer applicant, please contact the Housing Department on 0818 10 2020.

The properties will be advertised on the website each week from 9 a.m. on Fridays to 12p.m. on Thursdays. It is only during this time that an expression of interest on a property can be submitted. You can only place an expression of interest via the Council website. Late expressions of interest will not be accepted. If there are no properties available in any given week, the website will state this. You do not have to make your expression first thing on Friday
You can also access the website from your mobile phone or tablet. If you don’t have access to the internet, you are welcome to call into any of the public libraries to use their public computers to access the website. To do this you will need to be a Library Member. Membership to the library service is currently FREE and to become a member you will need photo identification and proof of your current address.
All offers are subject to normal housing allocation procedures i.e. your waiting time on Waterford City & County Council’s housing list; your family size; the type of property needed; good estate management, Garda clearance and possible interview in accordance with the Council’s Allocation Scheme. In addition to this, transfer applicants must meet the current criteria for a transfer e.g. up-to-date rent returns on file, up-to-date rent account and eligibility under the Council’s current transfer scheme.
The Council will only make contact with successful applicants.
If your housing application details or rent returns are not up-to-date you may not be eligible to be considered for a council property under the CBL Scheme. Contact 0818 10 2020 to update your information.
Read our Adopted Allocations Scheme here.

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