Ready to Build Scheme

Under the Ready to Build Scheme, local authorities will make serviced sites in towns and villages available to potential individual purchasers (self-builders). These sites will be available at a discount on the market value of the site for the building of a property for occupation as the principal private residence of the purchaser.

It is intended that the local authority will develop existing site(s) in their control or purchase site(s) and make them available for development by providing services and access to the site(s) concerned.

The level of discount to the individual will depend on the level of servicing cost incurred by the local authority before the sale of the site but will not exceed €30,000 . The amount of such discount will be reflected in the sale price of the site to the purchaser.

The Fund is focused on home ownership. The buyer of the site must reside in the dwelling built on the site as his or her principal private residence on completion of the dwelling.

Further information is contained in the scheme outline, application form and associated FAQs below.

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