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Waterford City Centre Urban Renewal Scheme

Waterford City and County Council has completed the Part 8 planning process for the Waterford City Centre Urban Renewal Scheme works. The scheme was passed by resolution of Council at the Plenary Meeting dated 12th November 2015. The Chief Executive’s report can be found below which includes the submissions received and amendments to the scheme:

  • CE's Final Report Urban Renewal Scheme

  • This project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Southern & Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 as part of the Designated Urban Centre Grants Scheme (DUCGS).

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    Broadly speaking, the works will consist of:

    The Covering of the Applemarket
    The covering will consist of a reflective canopy ceiling over the central triangular area with higher glazed coverings to the edges and over John Street to provide sheltered seating areas on the three sides of this triangular ‘square’.

    Repaving and Resurfacing
    The repaving and resurfacing of the street surfaces as well as the provision of new street lighting, street furniture and in some cases, public art pieces. Changes to traffic layout in the city centre, including the provision of measures to improve pedestrian, cycle and public transport access and to minimise unnecessary 'through' traffic The full nature and extent of these works is set out in the attached proposals and the description below.

    This submission has been prepared by the design teams in close collaboration with the architectural and engineering services of the Local Authority.

    The public realm design team consists of DHB Architects Ltd, design team leaders with Frank Fox and Associates, Civil and Structural engineers; Douglas Carroll Consulting Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical consultants; Nolan Construction Consultants, Quantity Surveyors, and Ove Arups and Partners, Lighting Design Consultants.

    The traffic management design team was DBFL Consulting Engineers.

  • Waterford City Centre Urban Renewal - Drawings
  • Apple Market - A Perspective View
  • Engineer's Report into Urban Renewal

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