Nomination of a Candidate for Local Election 2019
A candidate may nominate himself or herself or may, with the candidate’s consent, be nominated by a proposer. The proposer must be registered as a local government elector in the local electoral area of the local authority for which he or she proposes to nominate the candidate. You may also be nominated to stand in more than one area.

You are eligible to be nominated for candidacy if you are ordinarily resident in Ireland and you are at least 18 years old. You do not have to be an Irish citizen. People who hold positions in this list are not eligible to stand in local elections.

Period of Receipt of Papers
The period for receipt of nomination papers commences at 9.30am on Monday, 29th April 2019 and runs until 12 noon on Saturday, 4th May 2019, as per the official Notice of Election.

Withdrawal of Candidacy
A candidate may withdraw their candidacy up to 12 noon on the day (disregarding any excluded day) after the latest date for receipt of nomination papers: i.e. up to 12 noon on Tuesday, 7th May 2019.

Application Process
Nomination forms are available from the local authority returning officer. They can also be downloaded hereunder from 11th April 2019. The completed nomination forms must then be returned to the returning officer at Waterford City & County Council's Office at City Hall, Waterford before the deadline of noon Saturday, 4th May 2019.

If standing for a political party, you must include party affiliation on the nomination paper. If you are a member of a political party, you must also submit a Certificate of Party Affiliation with your nomination form.

If you have no party affiliation, you may be described as 'Non-Party', 'Independent' or you may leave this space blank. If intending to stand as a 'Non-Party' candidate, you must also submit one of the following:

Responsibility lies with the candidate or proposer to secure the necessary statutory declarations to the nomination paper, to ensure all rules are adhered to and to deliver all the documentation to the returning officer by the deadline for receipt of nominations.

Validation of Nomination
The returning officer must rule on whether your nomination paper is valid within 1 hour of it's presentation. The returning officer is required to object to the description of any candidate which is (in the returning officer's opinion), unnecessarily long or insufficient to identify the candidate. The candidate or the returning officers may amend the paticulars shown on the nomination paper. It also may be ruled invalid if the nomination of a non-party candidate is not assented to in the proper manner, or the nomination paper of any candidate is not properly made out or signed.

There is more information on local elections on the website of the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and in Section 15 of the Electoral (Amendment) Act 2009.

Obtaining a copy of the Register of Electors

Certain persons are entitled to the Register of Electors, or Part thereof, free of charge. Existing Councillors are entitled to a copy of the Register for their Local Electoral Area free of charge.

Those intending to run for the local elections, other than existing Councillors, all need to complete a declaration form confirming which portion of the register they require, and confirming that their usage of this is within that specified by the Electoral Acts.

Where there is Confirmation in writing by a political party of a named Candidate's selection to contest the Local Election, we are also in a position to provide the element of the Register free of charge. (On receipt of completed declaration form plus official confirmation).

If there is no such confirmation available, the candidate may wait until the nomination procedure is complete and they are then entitled to a copy of the relevant part free of charge. (On receipt of a completed declaration form and completed nomination confirmation).

Otherwise there is a small fee applicable, ranging from €14.30 to €24.65 depending on which electoral area is sought. (On receipt of completed declaration form, plus relevant fee).

Nomination Pack

The Nomination Form, guideleines and documentation can be downloaded at the links below.