An Coiste Logainmneacha

An Coiste Logainmneacha (The Placenames Committee) was established in November 2002, with four principal aims:

  • Suggesting appropriate Irish only, or bilingual names for local authority housing developments
  • Working in an advisory capacity with private developers in suggesting appropriate names for housing and other developments
  • Ensuring the accuracy of both Irish and English placenames in local authority road signage throughout the county
  • Offering a free translation service for businesses in the county who wish to erect Irish language signage

  • The overall aim of An Coiste Logainmneacha is to ensure, as far as possible, that estate names are appropriate and that they reflect the rich Irish cultural heritage of Waterford. Anyone wishing to avail of the services of An Coiste Logainmneacha should contact the Irish Language Officer, Waterford City and County Council on 0761 10 2884 or

  • Placenames Committee Brochure - Coiste Logainmneacha - Bróisiúr

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