Waterford Airport Runway Extension

Application to An Bord Pleanála for Waterford Airport Runway Extension

CONSULTATION END DATE: 24th August, 2020, 5:30pm

Waterford City and County Council, in partnership with Waterford Regional Airport PLC, intends to seek the approval of An Bord Pleanála in accordance with section 175 of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended, for the development of an extension to, and widening of, the existing runway at Waterford Regional Airport along with associated works including widening of the taxiway, extension to the car parking area, re-alignment of security fencing, new navigation lighting, underground holding tank, demolition of two existing houses to the north of the runway and alterations to site drainage.

Waterford Airport is located approximately 8km to the south of Waterford City Centre and approximately 5km north east of Tramore and is accessed from the R708 regional road which connects the facility to Waterford City. The airport and the proposed works are located within the townlands of Lisselan, Killowen, Ballygarran, Monamintra and Keiloge.

The proposed development would comprise the following principal elements:

  • Extension of the existing 1,433 metre long runway by 491 metres at its northern end and 363 at its southern end, resulting in a total runway length of 2,287metres;
  • Widening of the existing and extended runway from 30 metres in width to 45 metres in width;
  • Widening of the existing taxiway connecting the runway to the Airport Apron from 15 metres in width to 23 metres in width;
  • New landing lights to the north of the R708 at Keiloge;
  • Associated alterations to runway lighting, drainage and runway shoulders;
  • Demolition of two detached houses fronting onto the R708 at Ballygarran, at the northern end of the extended runway;
  • Construction of a new 205 space car park to the east of the existing car park, in front of the terminal building;
  • All associated, drainage, landscaping and site works.

Waterford City and County Council carried out screening of the proposed development to assess the likely effects of the project, either alone or in combination with other projects, upon designated Natura 2000 sites in the vicinity (Stage 1 – AA Screening). This screening exercise concluded that a Stage 2 Appropriate Assessment would be required in this instance and this application is therefore accompanied by a Natura Impact Statement (NIS). In addition, an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) has been prepared in respect of the proposed development.

The particulars of the development, the NIS and the EIAR will be available for inspection free of charge, or may be purchased on payment of a specified fee (which fee shall not exceed the reasonable cost of making a copy) from 13th July 2020 to 24th August 2020 (inclusive of both dates) Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays at:

  • The Offices of An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 V902 between 09:15hrs and 17:30hrs
  • Waterford City and County Council, Customer Care Office, Bailey’s New Street, Waterford, X91 XH42 Between 09:30hrs and 16:00hrs
  • The plans and particulars of the development and the EIAR may also be viewed at or downloaded below.

    Submissions or observations may be made in writing only to An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1, D01 V902 in respect of:

  • the implications of the proposed development for proper planning and sustainable development in the area concerned, and
  • the likely effects on the environment of the proposed development, if carried out.
  • Any submission / observation must be accompanied by a fee of €50 (except for certain prescribed bodies) and must be received by An Bord Pleanála not later than 17:30hrs on 24th August 2020 and must include the following information: (i) the name of the person making the submission or observation, the name of the person acting on his/her behalf, if any, and the address to which any correspondence relating to the application should be sent, (ii) the subject matter of the submission or observation, and (iii) the reasons, considerations and arguments on which the submission or observation is based in full. Any submissions or observations which do not comply with these requirements cannot be considered by the Board.

    The Board may at its absolute discretion hold an oral hearing on the application (for further details see ‘A Guide to Public Participation in Strategic Infrastructure Development’ on the Board’s website at www.pleanala.ie/sid/sidpp.htm. The Board may decide to: (a)(i) approve the proposed development; (ii) make such modifications to the proposed development as it specifies in its decision and grant approval in respect of the proposed development as so modified; or (iii) approve, in part only, the proposed development (with or without specified modifications of it of the foregoing kind); and may attach conditions as it considers appropriate to any approval; or (b) refuse to approve the proposed development.

    Any enquiries relating to the application process should be directed to the Strategic Infrastructure Section of An Bord Pleanála (Telephone No. 01-8588100 or Lo-call 1890-275175). A person may question the validity of any such decision of the Board by way of an application for judicial review, under Order 84 of the Rule of the Superior Courts (S.I. No.15 of 1986, as amended by S.I. No.691 of 2011), in accordance with sections 50 and 50A of the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended. Practical information on the review mechanism can be on the Board’s website: www.pleanala.ie or on the Citizens Information Website: www.citizensinformation.ie


  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Site Notice
  • Public Notice
  • Poposed Site Layout
  • Planning Report
  • Notification to EIA Portal
  • Notices to Prescribed Bodies
  • Letter of Support
  • EIA Portal Confirmation Notice
  • Cover Letter (Signed)
  • EIAR Volume 1 - Non-Technical Summary
  • EIAR Volume 3 - Appendices
  • Appropriate Assessment - NIS
  • EIAR Volume 2 - Main EIAR
  • Site Location map
  • Site Key Plan Layout
  • Site Layout
  • Runway General Arrangement Layout
  • North End Runway Layout
  • South End Runway Layout
  • Proposed Car Park Layout
  • Airport Physical Boundary (Security) Fence Layout
  • Overall Airport Drainage Layout
  • Airport Car Park Drainage Layout
  • Runway Drainage Layout. Sheet 1.
  • Runway Drainage Layout. Sheet 2.
  • Overall Airport Lighting Layout
  • Runway Lighting Layout. Sheet 1
  • Runway Lighting Layout. Sheet 2.
  • Runway South End Cross Section
  • Runway General Arrangment Sections
  • House Demolition Plan Ballygarron Upper. Waterford
  • Elfield. Demolition Plan Ballygarron Upper. Waterford
  • Car Park Attenuation Calc.
  • FFA Construction & Environmental Management Plan